Bite Sized Spanish: Language Through Food

Helen Rivers

Your culinary guide to
Spanish language learning

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How To Learn Spanish You'll ACTUALLY Use In REAL Life!

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Exclusively for Attendees of the Language Fun Fest

This Bite Sized Spanish Course gives you
everything you need to make salmorejo
and improves your Spanish

Inside this Bite Sized Spanish Course is:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. recognise a range of ingredients in Spanish
  2. adapt the recipe to your liking using the optional ingredients
  3. write a list of ingredients you’ll need to buy
  4. name a range of kitchen utensils, equiment and appliances
  5. follow the written recipe steps precisely
  6. recognise a few tips and tricks in 
  7. follow the recipe tutorial video step by step
  8. complete the fun, interactive exercises that help you understand the vocabulary and structures
  9. feel more confident in your ability to learn Spanish
  10. realise that you CAN really ENJOY learning Spanish

Get instant access to everything below!

What you get in your Bite Sized Spanish Course

Basic Information

Learn all the usual basic information you'd get with any recipe such as how long the recipe takes to prepare and cook, how many people it serves and where it originated from.

The Ingredients

You'll get a list in Spanish of the essential ingredients required, along with some optional ingredients. You'll also learn what they all mean and use exercises to help you remember them.

The Utensils

Get access to a list of utensils, equipment and appliances in Spanish so you can recognise them in the method. You'll be supported with fun activities to help you learn them.

The Method

The recipe method is broken into smaller steps so that its easier to digest and follow. You'll learn lots of REALLY useful constructions that you can adpt and use in everyday life.

Video Tutorial

You're provided with an English and Spanish video tutorial on how to create this delicious recipe so you can make the connection between written and spoken words as well as the translation.

Instant access to everything you need to know to start making this recipe and improving your Spanish!

Yes! I'm ready to create delicious Spanish food and improve my Spanish now!

Exclusively for Attendees of the Language Fun Fest

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